Rate Calculation Formula for Classified Ads

Basic rate ($5 per week) + add-on charges ($.10 per word for additional words over 25, and/or bold or ad box charges), times the number of weeks to run:

($5 + add-ons) x # of weeks = ad price

*Payment is required prior to the ad being run.

Ask today for an estimate on a custom business ad.

Sample ad, 160 X 250 pixels.
Sample ad
160 X 250 pixels

























If you're interested in advertising but want more information, contact the City of Max.

Sample ad, 160 X 333 pixels.
Sample Ad
160 X 333 pixels





























Advertise on maxnd.com

Maxnd.com has two major types of ads available. They are: 1) Graphic Business Ads, 2) Classified Ads. View the descriptions of the types of ads offered, below. Payment for ads is required before the ad runs.

Graphic Business Ads

Business advertising is available on maxnd.com for the following rates:

  • Inline ads on a major traffic page (you can designate the page you want; ads are approximately 160 pixels X 250 to 333 pixels--see examples on this page): $10/month, $100/year (paid at one time), paid to the City of Max. Three month minimum required.
  • Linked page ad (an ad on a separate page--provides more space for information, but there is no incidental traffic.): $5/month, $50/year (paid at one time), paid to the City of Max. Three month minimum required.
  • Ad development: $25 one-time fee for creating an ad, paid to Tamra Huesers. Once created, the ad belongs to the advertiser. (Extra charge for purchased graphics or complex inclusions--ask for information.) Copies of the ad on disk or sent to another source will be available for a $5 processing charge.
  • Custom ad sizes and styles are available upon request. Ask for a quote.

Classified Ads

Categories -

Classified Ads will be contained on a specific ad page, and will be available in the following categories:

  • Announcements
  • For Sale
    • Household
    • Miscellaneous
    • Farm
    • Vehicles
  • Help Wanted
    • General
    • Farm
  • Business Opportunities
  • Real Estate
    • For Sale
    • For Rent

*Categories may be amended or added to in the future to fit need.

Rates -

The following rates will apply to classified ads:

  • $5 per month for line ads of 25 words or less. If ad is to run less than one month, a $5 minimum charge still applies.
  • $.10 additional per month for each additional word over 25.
  • Bold or boxed items would carry an addition $1 per month charge.
  • Ads must be paid for prior to the ad running.
  • Rates will not be prorated for partial weeks. Any portion of a week will be charged the weekly rate.
  • Ad fees are made payable to the City of Max, and can be paid for at the City Auditor's Office or by mailing a check to the Auditor's Office.

Other Specifics -

  • It may take up to 48 hours for a classified ad to be posted. Please take this into account when submitting ads for posting.
  • When submitting an ad, please submit your name, mailing address, telephone number (in case there are questions about the ad), the category you want your ad listed under, the ad text, the desired start and stop dates for your ad, and the calculated rate for the ad [(basic rate + add-on charges) x number of weeks to run]. You may email this information, or send it by traditional mail to the Site Manager.

Advertisement for Economy Homes
Sample horizontal ad, 300 X 160 pixels



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