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In addition to the community groups listed in this site, you can also find a number of other activity and special-interest groups. Just a few of them include:



Small-Town Life

Photo of blue sky, picket fence, and a sunflower

Living in a small town can be as quiet or as busy as you want it to be. Either way, in Max, you will find a real feeling of community, that feeling of being part of something deeper than residence, more meaningful than just an address. Community is knowing that other people care what happens to you, will help you out in hard times, and will support your endeavors. Small-town life isn't for everyone, but for those who crave community, Max can be the place for you.

Photo of starting point of Path of the Cossacks Nature Trail.
Beginning of the "Path of the Cossacks" Nature Trail

What is there to do in Max?

Max is a busy town with a variety of attractions and events available.

Photo of the city's park
Max City Park on a spring evening

Attractions include: (click underlined links to go to that page)

Events and activities include:






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