Civic Club Events

Events sponsored by the Civic Club include:

Welcome Summer Solstice Celebration

Santa Day (with Bremer Bank)

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Annual Steak Fry and Dance

Annual Pancake Breakfast

Grandparents' Day Breakfast

City-wide Garage

City-wide Clean-up Day

Civic Club Contributions

Civic Club contributions have supported many local groups and activities. This year, contributions have been made to:

McLean Family Resource Center

Max Park Board for swimming, T-ball, and summer recreation

Max/Garrison Ambulance Service

Max High School Post Prom Party

Monthly Community Calendar (with help from the Max School)

Civic Club Officers

Robbin Plesuk

Vice President:
Sara Ruhland

Susan Plesuk

Holly Kersten

Photo of Abbie and Alexis H. on Santa's lap at Santa Day 2007.
Abbie and Alexis H. on Santa's lap,
Santa Day 2007

Wanted: Your Photos

Do you have photos of a Civic club event or activity? If so, would like to post them. Email digital photos to the City of Max, or mail printed photos to, PO Box 116, Max, ND 58759. If you want the photos returned, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. You can also drop photos off at the City Auditor's office.



Civic Club

The Max Civic Club is a public service group aimed at the betterment of Max and the surrounding community. Through their activities and sponsorships, they work to promote the interests of all age groups.

The Civic Club puts on a number of their own events each year, such as the community Steak Fry and dance and the Welcome Summer Solstice Celebration. It also contributes to other causes in the area in an effort to make the City of Max and its surrounding community a great place to live.

The Civic Club originated as the Max Commercial Club in 1906, and has existed in its current form as the Max Civic Club since 1963. Today, the Civic Club remains as one of the most active public service groups in Max.

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Join the Max Civic Club

Max Civic Club wants you! Civic Club provides a unique way for you to offer your energy, ideas, and talents in service to the community.

Annual Membership dues for Max Civic Club are: $20 for individuals; $30 for couples; $50 for businesses (includes membership for 2 persons). Dues can be mailed to PO Box 252 in Max or dropped off at Bremer Bank. Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.


Photo of lighting of Max Christmas Tree 2008.
Lighting of the Christmas tree on Main Street in Max, 2008






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