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Photo of Hwy. 83 overpass at Max, from the north.
Hwy. 83 overpass at Max, from the north.




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Photo of spring rhubarb plant.




Contact Information

Max City Auditor - Kathy Klemetsrud
PO Box 116
Max, ND 58759-0116
Phone: (701) 679-2770
Fax: (701) 679-2700

Max Mayor - Joel Hauf
City Council - Chad Talbott
                    Jon Hauf
                    Randy Swanson
                    Dick Gray
All can be reached through the Max City Auditor's Office, listed above.

City Maintenance - Keith Wenger-- contact through City Auditor's Office, above, or at 701-832-3628.

Police: 911 / (701) 679-2421
Fire Department: 911 / (701) 679-2590
Ambulance: 911
Post Office: (701) 679-2636 Site Manager -

Max News - Amy Hauf

Max Community Calendar - Jessica Henne


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