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In the Loop is Changing

In December of 2009, launched In the Loop as an alternative information and notice system for the Max community. At that time, the system was designated as a medium for disseminating urgent short-notice news items and announcements, such as notifying residents of planned power outages, short-notice cancellation of community events, or other vital information important to the community. As stated then, In the Loop was developed as,

"a service to the community that will quickly and efficiently distribute information that area residents would like to know about. It is not intended as an emergency communication system or, conversely, a social news source. It is simply aimed at letting people know about events or information that may be pivotal to the progression of their day or week."

Now, however, In the Loop is loosening up a bit. It is still available for all the original purposes. Adding to its usefulness, In the Loop will now be available for social notifications that are difficult to disseminate in other ways. For example, is your organization looking for volunteers to help with an event next month? Send a notice out through In the Loop. Are you seeking participants for a local 10K run? Let people know through In the Loop. Has your group garage sale grown since you put the classified ad in the local paper? You know what to do! In the Loop is hoping to help you reach more or different people than you might reach through traditional sources (newspaper ads, posters, etc.), thereby bringing the community closer by "spreading the word."

In the Loop service will be provided to those who sign up for it. There is no charge for participation. If you have already signed up for email delivery or an RSS feed of the Max News, or if you are a "friend of Max, ND" on facebook, you don't need to sign up any further. Information will be delivered to you through those routes. If you have not yet signed up, there are actually four ways to do so. However, be aware that the route you choose affects how soon you will receive your information. The information routes available and the speeds at which you will receive information through them are summarized below:


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