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Board meetings are held quarterly. Please check for meeting dates and times. All Library Partners are welcome to attend Board meetings.

Meetings of the full Membership are held annually in the first quarter of the year. The Membership and the public will be notified at least two weeks before the meeting. Board of Directors vacancies are filled at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Interested in joining Max Library Partners? Click the link below:

Max Library Partners Sign-Up Form

For more information, call the Max Community Library at 679-2030. The library's hours of operation are 9:30 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.


What is Max Library Partners?

Max Library Partners is a charitable organization established for the purpose of enriching the Max Community Library through fund-raising, volunteering, and other supportive activities. The group has registered with the ND Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Corporation, and has recently received its Federal 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status Certification as a Public Charity.


Who are Max Library Partners?

Max Library Partners was founded in February of 2010 by a small group of persons interested in making sure that the Max Community Library continues as a vital, progressive part of our community. Library Partners are individuals who have signed up to become members of the organization and who have expressed a desire to help out with the activities of the library in general or specific ways. A Library Partner can join on his/her own terms, and can help out in whatever way he/she sees fit. Volunteering at library events, helping out with the library's annual Soup & Sandwich Lunch fund-raiser, assisting with the completion of grant applications, or doing publicity for the library are just some of the ways that a Library Partner might play a part in supporting the library.

Though Max Library Partners already has a good member base, we are still looking for persons who would like to be included in its activities. If you have a love of books and reading, value the presence of a healthy and vibrant library for the Max Community, or have time, talents, or resources that you want to share, you may be a perfect fit for Max Library Partners. We are looking for a diverse group of members from all walks of life, but with the common goal of supporting our library. Members need not live within the City of Max, and we, in fact, encourage and welcome participation of members from the entire service area. You could have an influence on this organization from the ground up, and could use your particular talents to support the Max Community Library in your own unique way.

There is no membership fee required when you join Max Library Partners. Simply click here to print out a membership form, or obtain a form at the library, fill out the form, and drop it off at or mail it to the Max Community Library.


Why Create a Charity?

Though the Max Community Library is a publicly funded entity, the tax dollars it receives are simply not enough to maintain and vibrant, useful facility that can serve the community to its utmost ability. Unfortunately, many supplemental funding sources tapped by the library in the past are drying up simply because the library itself does not and cannot hold public charity status. In other words, individuals, businesses, or other entities who donate to the library directly cannot use their donations as tax deductions. These days, virtually all businesses or groups offering grant monies require that the applicant hold Federal 501(c)3 charitable organization tax exempt status. This is one major hurdle that the establishment of Max Library Partners can overcome on behalf of the Max Library.

Max Library Partners, however, was not created only as a financial strategy.  It was also created to boost the visibility of the library and stoke local interest and use.  Its membership will be cultivated as a resource pool of persons who want to give of their time and talents in whatever way they see fit.  And it is a way for persons from the library’s entire service area—not just from the municipality of Max—to play a part in the happenings of the library.



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