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April 17, 2014


This Friday is Good Friday and there is no school.  On Monday the 21st there WILL be school. It is a storm make-up day.

April 22nd is Earth Day and for those who are not aware, the recycling center is in the building located next to the Max Water Tower. They will accept cardboard; newspapers, phone books, and magazines. Also aluminum and steel cans, junk mail, white paper, and colored paper. They also accept plastics with any code of one through seven (1-7) on the bottom. Glass and plastic grocery bags are not being accepted.

The Max Public School will have their Pops Concert on Thursday, April 24th.

The next day, Friday the 25th, is the Senior Citizen potluck and meeting at noon.

Happy Easter everyone!

"'s not the stories that determine our choices, but the stories that we continue to choose." -- Sylvia Boorstein

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